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Samstag Dez 07, 2013 - Sonntag Dez 08, 2013

Stinking Fish Studio Tour 2013 - Metchosin and East Sooke
A week-end Winter Tour 2013!
10am to 4pm.
The Stinking Fish Studio Tour artists are open for December 7th and 8th. Come explore one of the richest art trails on the island – meet the artists, see their work and take some home with you!

Artists on the winter tour are:

26 Kathy and Selby Saluke,, fibre artists, 900 Neff Road
23 Lorraine Thorarinson Betts, mixed media, 127 Cliff Dr
25 Doug McBeath, woodturner, 3853 Graceland Drive
21 Wendy Mitchell, knitting/weaving, 580 Witty Beach Road
22 Frank Mitchell, painter, 580 Witty Beach Road
16 Detlef Grundmann,woodwork, furniture,Metchosin Art Centre
15 Chiarina Loggia, printmaker, Metchosin Art Centre
15 Bev Petow, metal work, Metchosin Art Centre
15 Lesley Forman, stone sculpture, Metchosin Art Centre
13 Peter Walsh, furniture maker, 4606 Rocky Point Road
12 Ann Semple, potter, 4531 Lindholm Road
11 Jennifer Kivari, mixed media mosaics, 941 Arden Road
9 Alice Mclean, potter, 968 Gillespie Road
8 Leslie Speed, printmaker, 5701 East Sooke Road
7 Valerie Speed, fibre artist, 5701 East Sooke Road
6 Kay Lovett, painter, 773 Park Heights Road
5 Angela Menzies, painter, 1344 Martock Road
3 Bonnie Coulter, mixed media, 1509 Woodcock Road
2 Marlene Bowman, potter, 42 Seagirt Road

Check the website for map with locations.


Participating Members:
Please click on the member name to get more information.

2 Marlene Bowman
42 Seagirt Road, East Sooke, BC
3 Boar's Bristle Studio, Bonnie Coulter
1509 Woodcock Rd., East Sooke, BC
5 Brown Dog Studio, Angela Menzies
1344 Martock Road, EAst Sooke, BC
9 Alice McLean
968 Gillespie Road, East Sooke, BC
12 Clayfoot Crockery, Ann Semple
4531 Lindholm Road, Metchosin, BC
16 Winged Horse Studio, Chiarina Loggia
4495 Happy Valley Rd., Metchosin, BC
16 Pebble Woodworks, Detlef Grundmann
4495 Happy Valley Rd., Metchosin, BC

Click on Stinking Fish Studio Tour 2013 - Metchosin and East Sooke - Booklet to print this tour as a PDF file. (Adobe Acrobat reader is required to print this file)

Other Participants:
Stinking Fish Artists:
Anne Semple, potter
Norene Schmuck, mosaics
Peter Walsh, furniture
Beverly Petow, metal sculpture
Kathy and Selby Saluke, fiber art
Kay Lovett, painting
Marlene Bowman, pottery
Maureen Reilly, fiber art
Peggy Elmes, pottery
Jacquetta Nisbet, weaving
Wendy Mitchell, weaving, spinning
Frank Mitchell, painting
Valerie Speed, embroidery
Leslie Speed, woodblock
Bert Lambier, metal works

Kontakt Info:

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Telefon(250) 474-2676