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Most communities are known for the development during the gold rush and little remains as an evident legacy, however in Salmo the citizens and community masonry school keep much of their history alive and vibrant in the southern Kootneys.

Parks, lakes, and great trails allow travelers secluded camping and pristine wilderness exploration. This small village is central between Castelgar (42 kilometers), Nelson (46 kilometers), and Creston (80 kilometers). As a junction of the major highways, 3B & 6, Salmo has picked up as the perfect pit-stop spot for vacationers and trucking transporters. The quaint community of Salmo and near by valleys are dotted with the remains of the abandoned gold mines. Tucked away in the Salmo River Valley are locations of pristine backcountry for hiking during the summer and great for cross country or telemark skiing. These trails also make adventure by all-terrain-vehicle or snowmobiling easy to access and lots of fun.

There is plenty of outdoor activity to enjoy in and around the Salmo River, including the water side fairways of the local golf course, kayaking or day fishing trips.

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Historic Dewdney Trail
Striking stone murals carved by students of Salmo's Kootenay Stone Masonry School
June Men’s Golf Open

The siding (the short track that allows to trains to pass) was built in the late 1800’s near a small town named Salmon River. As other near by towns which sprang up around the small siding town due to the gold rush boom, it wasn’t until the gold seemed to run out and luck faltered that soon there wouldn’t be reason to stay. As the end of the rush became evident surrounding towns grew smaller and the junction kept Salmo alive along with an increased interest in the forestry industry and makes home to the forest workers still today.

Prior to the development of the Columbia River dams, abundant fish runs made for great Salmon harvests. However this did not last and other areas sprang up that had the similar names starting “Salmon”, so Salmon Siding (named after the railway track switch) was shortened to Salmo. The areas incredible waters and streams are still viable and great for sports fisherman and those who like light water adventures.

Summer average 23 degrees Celsius
Winter average -2 degrees Celsius


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