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Qualicum Bay is part of an area designated as "Lighthouse Country". From the shoreline visitors will see several islands in the distance. The "Country" is marked from one lighthouse at the tip of Sister Island to the another lighthouse at the tip of Deman Island is a grouping of four communities (Horne Lake, Qualicum Bay, Bowser and Deep Bay) on Vancouver Island that are situated in between these points of light. Being a small community, when arriving in Qualicum Bay, visitors can expect peace, relaxation, rural living, friendly people, and lots of forest and shoreline to explore.

The docks offer fresh seafood and strolling the beach visitors will notice that the ocean here is truly alive; small rock crabs, clams (or Gooey ducks - a Nisqualli First Nations'word meaning "dig deep"), harbour seals, small minnow size fish, seagulls, eagles, oysters, possibly whales or porpoise, Canada Geese, sea urchins, hermit crabs, and the odd jellyfish.

The region of Lighthouse Country is also famous for its world-class artists and artisans. Along the roadside visitors traveling the major island, trans-Canada Highway will note that several blue indicator signs marked with the capital letter "A" will direct them to working galleries and studios of the talented local artists who are open during regular weekly business hours.

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Wildwood Park
Spider Lake
Horn Lake - caving
Deep Bay - commercial fishing

Summer average 18 degrees Celsius
Winter average 4 degrees Celsius


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