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i blew it, Cherie Hemmingsen

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"I blew it" studio offers glass by Cherie and Friends. We are open by appointment, or if we are working. We are most often blowing mornings. Please call 285-2809 or e-mail for directions. "i blew studio" is in beautiful Open Bay, a pleasant 25 minute drive from the ferry. Come and see how awe inspiring it is to watch as we make paperweights, pull Cane (long thin strips of hot colored glass) gather and form vases, bowls, or glasses. Cherie and friends produce wonderful functional and decorative pieces of beautiful colored glass. Half day classes to make paperweights and small objects can be arranged - very small groups only!
BLUE CANE VASE The cane is made in the first stage by heating color, overlaying with clear glass from the furnace. The glass is then heated and pulled to a length of about 30'. The cane is then the size of a small finger. The cane is then cooled, cut, heated and picked up to form an intricate vase.
Pistachio bowl with self cut lip wrap is spun, while hot to achieve the fluid organic shape.
THE GLORY HOLE is integral to glass making. The glory hole is exhilarating, it is intoxicating and it is hot and it is great fun!

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2107 Redonda Way, Heriot Bay, B.C., British Columbia
250 285-2809   Fax 250 285-2801

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