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This is a shaping guide to help create socks
that fit regardless of the size of yarn or size of
needles used.

You can make comfortable cozy socks
for everyone on your list.
As the sock begins at the toe and is knitted to
the top using 5 needles, the opportunity to add a
fancy stitch or a color pattern is simplified.

Two needles hold stitches for the sole, heel
and back of leg and two needles hold stitches
for the top of the foot and front of the leg.
Stitch or colour pattern charts can be used
as is, not upside down as with the top down
method of sock making.

The turning of the heel is easier.

The problem of holes at the corners of the gusset
and the leg is solved.

The size of needle you use is determined by
your needle sizing gauge.
You don't have to knit to a gauge
or tension like other patterns.

You work from a "footprint"
of the foot to shape the sock.

Regardless of the size of the yarn that
you use, your "footprint" will guide you
through the knitting process.
If the socks are for someone as a gift
and you know their shoe size, the
instructions provide the width and
length measurements of the foot for all
shoe sizes from Baby's 0 to Mens 15.

Then a skeleton "footprint" is drawn and
used to knit the socks to fit their feet.
You have a choice of heels for the socks.

The instructions also include an easy cast on and a stretchy sewn half-hitch cast off.

Novice and experienced knitters have tested this pattern with great success.

$4.00 and your email address for a printable pdf file of the pattern

If you would like to use Paypal or your credit card, send me an email message.

Begin your new adventure in sock knitting today.


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