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A leisurely afternoon of tubing down the Cowichan River, splashing in the lake, hiking to the top of mountains in only a few hours, hobby farms, fish hatcheries and great retreats have made Lake Cowichan a preferred summertime destination for many travelers and local residents. Eco-tourism, local events and heritage attributes draw a considerable number of visitors each year.

Wonderful artisan venues in the town of Lake Cowichan and spread around the area along the roads greet visitors with handmade furniture, organic produce, fresh flowers, and many unique crafts.

The lake is also the largest freshwater lake of its kind on Vancouver Island. There is a network of lakes and rivers distributed over the neighboring areas, which makes Lake Cowichan a great central starting point for exploring during your stay.

Bevölkerung: 3,100+

Honeymoon Bay
Mesachie Lake
Cowichan River Provincial Park - 750 hectares
Nitinat Lake
Skutz Falls
Town of Lake Cowichan
Cowichan Lake Forest Research Station

Home to the Lake Cowichan First Nation, the area has been know as 'Warm Land' for centuries - the Cowichan Region offers one of Canada's finest climates. The Lake Cowichan First Nation's name for the lake, Kaatza means "The Big Lake".

Lake Cowichan gained greater popularity after King Edward VIII reportedly made great claims of the phenomenal fishing excursions he had experienced and during that time the lake was pronounced Canada's Fly-Fishing Capital.

Summer average 19 degrees Celsius (often mid-summer temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius)
Winter average 3 degrees Celsius

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