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Close to the far eastern boarder of the province, the Columbia Valley separates two major mountain ranges in British Columbia, the Rockies and Purcell. This valley offers Lake Windemere’s water playground for sporting and the low land and mountainous scenic explorations that are abundant around Invermere.

The historical town site and cultural centre are perfect to pick up the restful spirit of the visitors with some homegrown stories and gifts. The world moves a bit slower in Invermere, as the days meld into one outdoor activity after the other. Get grounded on the sightseeing and wilderness viewing that can be enjoyed by surrounding park trials or from higher vistas in the mountains with more intense hiking.

Bevölkerung: 3,000

Pynelog Cultural Centre
Golfing (10 courses nearby)
Wetland Eco Tours
Festivals: Car Show, Bull Riding, Triathlon, Hang Gliding / Paragliding
Hot Springs nearby
Art & Cultural Centers
Hang gliding
Glacier Trails
Bird Watching

Though the area in the valley was a seasonal hunting and fishing ground for the First Nations bands, Kinsbasket and K’tunaxa, that frequented here, the historical information that has been collected is documented in the Pynelog Cultural Centre and other near by town’s historical sites.

It is important to recognize that the languages (e.g. Chinook) of the First Nations and their petroglyphs are being preserved through the efforts of various cultural centers throughout Canada and the elders who remain fluent in their native tongue. Ask tourist information for more details on locations to discover the ancient traditional history.

The museums also offer a look into the Gold Rush Era of British Columbia. Originally, Invermere was a stop over, trading and supply port along the lake and the valley itself was supported by mining, agriculture and lumber. In 1909, Invermere became controlled by the Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruitlands bought up cheaply by the English in hopes of promoting immigration in the new lands.

Now, tourism plays a large roll in supporting Invermere due to the favourable weather, which offers the four seasons in their full glory and fantastic outdoor activities appropriate for each one!

Summer average 23 degrees Celsius (Mid-Summer can be hot)
Winter average -1 degree Celsius (cold, including snow & ice)


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