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Portraits For Your Soul, LeEtta LaFontaine

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[Artists & Fine Art Artisans, Acrylic painting, Drawing, Mixed Media, Portraiture]
There is something about drawing (in charcoal or pencil) portraits, over anything else, that is appealing to me. I especially enjoy the challenge of connecting with the person I'm drawing to be able to capture an essence of their personality in the finished rendering. Children have the most enduring qualities that seem to shine through beautifully! (Both images are charcoal on canvas)
While the person I'm drawing begins to come to life on canvas so does my connection to them. Laughter, fun, tears, grief, and even frowns have become a part of one or another drawings/paintings that I have done. And always, always, a special personality trait emerges as a rendering comes to completion.
Portraits For Your Soul: Past-life; Genetic-life; Ancestral-life; whatever title you choose to use.
Is it possible a personality trait from the past is affecting your life today? Past-life drawing/readings bring a sense of relief and understanding of present day issues.
Commissioned works bring many challenges and much pleasure. This particular one was a collage of small, aged wedding images revisited and revised to become a 40th anniversary gift. (acrylic on canvas)
Those that cross over before us often have a special place in our hearts and leave an emptiness that's hard to fill.
A drawing tribute not only preserves the memory of someone you love, but, becomes an amazing family heirloom as well. (collage images are pencil on rag paper)
Children are wonderful to draw. The innocence, the tenacious nature and pure joy of life shines through so readily that one of them soon become the personality gift in a drawing.
I have the ability to mix technology with drawings that creates a unique opportunity to add favorite poems or/also watermarks to a rendering. (these images are both in pencil; the one on the left has a computer printout done and then the drawing added)

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